Working Actor Studio was formed by a group of experienced acting teachers and dedicated acting students in the Fall of 2013.

We found that there was a need in NYC for quality, affordable acting classes. We realized that there was a need for a studio that would not only enhance students' acting skills but also create bonds that are formed through being part of an acting community.

We decided to band together, find strength and solidarity in numbers and founded the Working Actor Studio. It was formed and is run by teachers and students, who are using their expertise to create a thriving studio and community.

It is possible to have affordable acting classes, have a high quality of training and still be a viable organization.

Our promise:

  • Teachers will all have real life experience in their acting area.
  • Class sizes will be small to allow all students time to work in class.
  • Class fees will be affordable.

Think Big. Think Crazy. Think Unique.